About Paperoтм

Paperoтм is an exclusive collection of professional products designed for the corporate clients. The collection is aimed at the demand of corporate customers engaged in the hotel and restaurant business, corporate use (AFH). It is an excellent solution to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in public and commercial settings, hotels, restaurants, SPA salons, hairdressers’, health care facilities, factories, workshops and other public or industrial premises.

About Paperoтм Eko

Paperoтм Eko is an affordable and high-quality recycled product line that has improved water absorption properties for paper towels and better softness and water-solubility for toilet paper compared to cellulose products. Paperoтм Eko products are ideally suited for high-traffic establishments and establishments that want to replace gray or green waste paper with premium white counterparts at an affordable price.

For more information about cellulose products, please contact the representatives of LLC «Paper & board company» in your region or by contacting the sales department.

Cellulose products sales department