Cardboard Edge Protectors

V and L-Shaped Cardboard Edge Protectors

V and L-shaped cardboard edge protectors (also called corner protectors) are aimed at offering extra protection to the package or the corners of the product and preventing potential damage during loading and transpiration.

The corners produced by Paper & board company are custom-made and available in a wide array of sizes and dimensions, thus satisfying any requirements.

W Flexi Cardboard Edge Protectors

W-shaped edge protectors (also called FLEXI) are designed to keep outer and inner edges, round and oval corners safe, as well as to protect goods versatile in shapes. Due to their flexibility and durability, they are easy to use and provide excellent protection.

They are widely applied in metallurgical, paper, plastic, furniture and others industries.

Printed and Waterproof Cardboard Edge Protectors

V, L and W-shaped edge protectors can be covered with waterproof cardboard coating and printed with your company logo. Besides, they are available in 6 colours and sizes enabling our customers to find the perfect fit.

Such edge protectors are used for the packaging fruits and vegetables, ice cream and other kinds of frozen food, which implies storage and transportation in refrigerators, sharp temperature changes and a high level of humidity.

Paper & board company offers high quality and advanced printing solutions for consumer packaging. Our contemporary printing equipment can actually help customers to create a unique packaging and patent it.

Generally, cardboard edge protectors are brown and white, but meeting our customers' demands we can make an exclusive package by adding your logo or choosing another colour, so you and your brand can stand out from the rest of the crowd.