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At the present moment we are one of the leading cardboard packaging, pulp and paper products manufacturers in Ukraine. The company supplies a variety of cardboard, pulp and paper products to businesses nationwide, as well as to the EU market.

LLC «Paper & board company»

Our history — Our Pride

The company is originated in OJSC «Lvivkartonoplast». Through the decades, «Lvivkartonoplast» has generated plastic sheets and waste paper items to satisfy the diverse requirements of customers.

The contemporary history of «Paper & board company» goes back to the spring of 2000. With a commitment to remain on the cutting edge of pulp and paper industry, the company has grown, improved and expanded to offer new capabilities, like the production of cardboard tubes and edge protectors, the launch of cellulose-based hygienic sanitary products (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper).

Today we are a successful manufacturer of cardboard packaging (cardboard edge protectors and tubes) and paper products (paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper). We are taking a market-leading position in Ukrainian pulp and paper industry and developing sales across the European Union. «Paper & board company» has refined its business to offer the customers premium quality at an affordable price, an individual approach to Private Label Products customers, the own collection of B2C White Lineтм brand-name products and professional solutions for HoReCa under Paperoтм brand name.

Product Certification

In 2017 the company received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate «Quality Management Systems. Requirements.» Certification confirms the ability of the company to constantly provide customers with the goods and services without changes in product quality and without interruption. We are glad that the commission highly noted our company and confirmed the twenty years of trust of more than 300 our partners from around the world.

In 2018 LLC «Paper & board company» received a certificate FSC-C143485 of FSC — an international forest certification system that certifies non-exhaustive (sustainable) forest management. FSC certification means that the company complies with the strict rules — to protect valuable forest areas, to preserve biodiversity in the forests, to combat poaching of deforestation, to take into account the interests of local communities. Compliance is controlled by the International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

If you buy a product from paper or wood in a company that is certified by an international FSC, you can be sure that you support healthy forests and legal production.

FSC & ISO 9001:2015

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