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toilet paperThe Paper and Board Company manufactures two main groups of paperpackaging and tissue. Running almost full production cycle except the pulp preparation and lumber processing, we deal with the full control of the productsquality, properties and compound. 

Today we manufacture grey board and core board, and the derivative packaging goodspaper edge protector and paper core. Earlier we also nade the cardboard semi-product for converting it into a roofing material, test liner, double ply paperboard with outer bleached pulp layer etc. However, today, making only two types of paperboard we use only one kind of a raw materiala waste paper marked EN 643 1.04. That kind of a waste paper contains over 70% of corrugated board, which has low percentage of odd agents, secures high strength and other mechanical issues.

All waste paper in Ukraine as well as in all the civilised world, is selected, divided and utilized. That creates a new product on the market and solves the issue of trash of paper. After selecting and dividing, the waste paper arrives to our warehoused, where it is examined for corrugated board and odd agents and materials content. Afterwards it’s feeded to the pulper, where it gets filtered, gathering the pure paper stock. All the foils, polyethylene, gluing tapes are put apart and then removed for recycling. Gathering the even paper stock, the paper machine performs the stock spraing on the wire, forming and pressing of the paperboard, dissolving the resin etc., which affect the quality of the product.

technology of paperboard making

The paper edge protector and paper core are made of out own paperboard, adding the poly vinile acitate glue of dextrin glue. Also, to provide an estetic appearance of the product, it is folded and wrapped with the kraft paper, made of virgin pulp or with a test liner.

The tissue, made by our company, contains fully of virgin pulp, except the paper core i rolls, which we make of waste paper based coreboard. The wood pulp, which we use is bleached for 90%, and got from the softwood and hardwood lumber. The trees, which serve as a raw material, are gathered from the renewable forestry sources, where these trees are specially grown for industry sources. Such kind of production cannot make any harm to environment but in contrary, it is a very healthy alternative to industry plants or agricultural areas. Hence like in paperboard manufacturing, the tissue industry uses gluing substances, resin solvent, and a solvent of other odd agents, which may appear hazardous or ruinning for paper mechanicals benchmarks. Therewith all these solving and other agents are safe for hygiene use, when used in paper making.

technology of tissue paper making

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