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Comfort, softness, efficiency. People are much more satisfied when they find a comfartable towel near the handwasher instead of noisy and much less comfortable and convenient electric air dryer. The advantage is obvious.

Therewith, due to the scientific researches, the paper tissue take away up to 92% of bacterias from the wet hands, while the air dryer takes away only about 15%, which proves the towel to be more human friendly than the air dryer. Moreover, the drying with a paper towel takes 3-6 times less time to dry hands than the airdryer.

At the comparison to the recycled paper towels, the ones of the virgin pulp paper secure better absorbency, so one uses less of the pulp towel than the cecycled paper towel. So there is not much savings in recycling. Sometimes 1 sheet of pulp paper towel can replace 2 sheets of recycled paper towel.

In Ukraine it is a common thing to confuse V-folded towel with Z-folded towel in naming of the positions. The V-folded towel is being folded ones right in the middle, and the Z-towel is folded twice. Here below is the ilustrated explanation of the difference.

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