Paper and Board Company

This season we start to extend our product lines with a brand new trade mark “Without millennial” (ukr. – “white line’), and refined “Rushnychok” (ukr. – “towel”), already known in Ukrainian market for making napkins. These two lines will include existing brands and models, as well as will be supplemented with copmletely new goods. Regardless, new brands will have improved high quality packaging, which provides better resistance, strenght and durability. The product itself will gain higher softness and comfort. Being capable to make our own raw materialparent paper rolls, we can effort to obtain maximum demanded properties, which are necessary for every kind of product. And, of course, every model and brand will have its own unique GTIN barcode.

New nakin brands with 80 sheets and 100 sheets will now fill the range of production with further establishment of 400 sheets and 500 sheets packaging. These packagings will be provided under both brands.

In the paper towel section we now have the V-folded towel branded “Rushnychok”. A new wrap is now few times stronger and has much greater appearance. The wrap holds a detailed information about the manufacturer and the product itself. The 1 plied V-towel is also planned to be unleashed soon under the same trade mark. Furthermore, the paper towel rolls TM “Ah” will be replaced by new improved successor.

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