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Followibg the topic of table decoration advises, we represent a new type of napkin decorationthe elf shoe. As well as in the previous decoration, the best option would be the 33×33 cm napkuns. One may also use the woven napkin.

So following these simple steps you can learn how to make the elf shoe:

1. Unfold the napkin;
2. Fold in half longwise;
3. Fold in half again;
4. Angle fold to the centerlike a paper plane;
5. Angle fold to the center again;
6. Fold in half and turn, folded edge on the top;
7. Fold one flap upwards;
8. Fold back flap on the front and tuck in;
9. Fold donw thecuffand pinch curl the toe.

figures from napkins

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