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Did you know, dear tissue consumers, which are the advantages of using the Mark 500 toilet paper rolls? However it’s all about your advantage.
It lays in cast saving in not so significant matter, perhaps, in everyday life. But, for those who use it iin business, that issue appears to be more relevant.

Using smaller diameter of the core and providing bigger diameter of the roll itself, we have managed to extend the use period three times longer. Comparing the prices  for the standard rolls, it is obvious, where one cas safe some money. The new toilet paper rolls have a lenght of 50 m, while the lenght of standard paper rolls varies from 15 to 17 m. Only…

Taking into consideration that our paper 500 is packed in a practical and handy 6 pcs. package, one of such packaging can replace 18 to 20 rolls of standard toilet paper, costing you 1,5 times less. From now on you also know the advantage.





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