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Recycled grey board. Mark KK-2

The grey board is obtained as a result of processing of selective recycling fibers (waste paper), which go through precise cycle of paperboard formation. Our product is 100% sustainable and sevces as a raw material for different kind of packagong goods (including paper edge protector) as well as an underlay in warehousing, loading and transportation.

The properties of the paperboard are as follows:

  • Weight - 330-700 gsm;
  • Thickness – 0,4-0,9 mm;
  • Width of roll – 750-2100 mm;
  • Core diameter – 76 mm;
  • Roll diameter of 1050 ± 5 mm.
Also we manufacture core board, which serves as a raw material for paper cores, with hte same format options and grammage range of 360, 360 and 510 gsm
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