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1. After a long trip or walking or even after a working day, our shoes obtain moisture and unpleasant smell. In order to remove the smell the special drying bags have been invented. But the problem is that they cannot be found in the nearest store if you need them immediatelly. As an alternative, some people use a piece of newspaper, but as we switch from newspaper to Internet, we use it more and more rarely to read news. That is where the tissue comes for elp. During several hours it absorbs the moisture and smell. The best way is to keep the paper inside the shoe for whole night, so we can ware the shoes dry outside in the morning.

paper napkin2. While transporting fragile and valuable things one may use special fillers of the box like polyester. wool or other natural or syntethic fillers. However, the piece of tissue can also serve as a filler, providing the same protecting values and being soft enough and not less effective than the mentioned above fillers. It does not tear like a wool and is more accessible than special fillers because it’s always next to you or available at the nearest shop.

3. Taking your meal with you on a trip, to work or where ever, you may wrap the container with the warm food in a tissue by few layers, keeping it warm longer. The paper has a high rate of warm saving, which will provide the thermos effect. In addition, the same piece of tissue paper may be furtherly used as a napkin while you eat.

4. If you have any fluid penetrating your cloths (fatless or slightly fat), it can be partly removed immegiatelly so more than a half of substance will be taken out, grabbing the stained area along with the piece of tissue and squeezing it. Yes, велика кількість вологи переходить в папір, який вбирає воду. Afterwards the rest gets dry during few minutes.

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