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Our clients for paperboard run business in various industries. And that means that the paperboard made by our company can be used in many manufacturing and logistic processes as a raw material of semi-product, as well as an industrial packaging. So there are the five main ways to use of convert the paperboard we make:

  1. Boxes. First and the most reasonable use of our paperboard, taking into consideration the translation of the productsmane as a paperboard for boxes, would be making boxes out of it. However these kind of boxes can only be usen in industrial means for packing some machinery parts or other industrial goods because of itsrough surface and not always even coloration and texture.
  2. Covering of the floor. Covering the floor with the paperboard can be done for many purposesfor instancecargo sections are covered to keep it clean, decreese noice, obtain better clutch of the pallets with the floor. It may also be used during repairing at apartments with the same purpose of keeping the floor clean.
  3. Dividers, which divide layers or cells with goods in a general packaging. These can be horizontal as good as vertical.
    The vertical dividers are usually made with help of a special cutting equipment. The horizontal though are usually the rectangular sheets of different sizes depending if the size of a general packaging. For example, these can be the 20×20 cm sheets for packing the dishes for instance, or even big sheets to be put on a pallet at size 80×120 cm to divide layers of cargo on it.
  4. Making of paper edge protectors and paper tubes/cores. Where we can not deliver our edge protectors or paper sores, we can deliver paperboard to make it on site. For instance, when the tissue making company has a paper core making unit on site and uses coreboard.
  5. Making of different insets for holding the shape of other products. Example a piece of paperboard cut for supporting the shape of shoes or piece of paperboard put into some foder made of cloth, leather etc.
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